Ashley Kaczmarek

Proactive Health Management Nurse

Ashley Kaczmarek received her RN in St. Louis, Missouri where she is originally from and received her BSN at The University of South Carolina when she moved to Charleston in 2017. She also received her board certification in emergency nursing (CEN) in 2018. Shortly after receiving her BSN she and her husband bought an RV and started travel nursing from coast to coast. She has always loved the adrenaline rush, but after moving back to Charleston in 2020 she realized that she has extreme passion for implementing preventative health measures and improving existing chronic conditions. After nearly a decade in the ER, she joined Lifecycle II May of 2022, and sincerely enjoys the relational aspect with the clients along with being able to have individualized time for each person to improve their overall health. One of Ashley’s specific goals is to help her participants stay out of the emergency room and to live an abundant and purposeful life. She has been married to her husband, Chase, for seven years, and has a young son named Sawyer. She loves traveling, outside activities, sunshine, craft coffee, fitness, and Christian and country music.